Cooperation and Partnership Program

Consistent with the Paris Principles, the Commission shall define and strengthen its relationship with all the stakeholders, mechanisms and bodies on human rights at the international and domestic levels. Whenever feasible, the Commission shall forge partnerships and cooperative arrangements, or establish coordination and networking systems for the protection and promotion of human rights with the following:


• National government agencies and local government units, as well constitutional bodies
• The Judiciary for the strengthening of the rule of law
• The Legislative Branch – the House of Representatives and the Senate
• The international human rights system, e.g., the human rights treaty bodies, special procedures mandate holders and the Human Rights Council and its processes, notably the universal periodic review; and other UN bodies
• The network of NHRIs, eg., the Global Alliance of National Human rights Institutions (GANHRI), the Asia Pacific Forum of NHRIs (APF), and the ASEAN NHRIs Forum (SEANF),
• The Civil Society, particularly non-governmental organizations on human rights and other civil society organizations and.
• The international development assistance agencies