Human Rights & Climate Change Petition


Annex A: Non-Exhaustive List of International Human Rights Treaties Signed and or Ratified by the Philippines
Annex B: Cover note from Climate Change Commission of the Office of the President of Philippines to the UNFCCC
Annex B-1 – Expert Report, Human Rights by John Knox, UN Special Rapporteur for Human Rights and the Environment
Annex B-2 – Expert Report, Labour by Tord Kjellstrom et al., Ruby Coast Research Centre
Annex B-3 – Migration_Displacement by Walter Kaelin, Envoy of the Chairmanship of the Nansen Initiative
Annex C_List of respondents with addresses
Annex D_Details of Carbon Majors publications
Annex D-1 – Climate Accountability Institute, Press Release on Update of Carbon Majors Project
Annex D-2 – Carbon Majors Accounting for carbon and methane emissions 1854-2010 Methods and Results Report
Annex D-3 – Tracing Anthropogenic Carbon Dioxide and Methane Emissions to Fossil Fuel and Cement Producers, 1854–2010
Annex E – Publications on Fossil Fuel Industry Involvement in Undermining Climate Science and Action
Annex F – Past Research on Vulnerabilities and an Overview of Existing Literature on Climate Change Impacts in the Philippines
Annex F-1 – Background on Ocean Acidification

Consolidated Reply:

Human Rights and Climate Change_Consolidated Reply as of 2.10.17
Annex A: Overview of Corporate Responses
Annex B: CHR-NI-2016-0001 CIEL Opinion 10.2.17.R
Annex to Annex B: CHR-NI-2016-0001 CIEL ANNEX 10.2.17.R
Affidavit of Service